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I am a freelance writer and technology consultant (and part-time sailing instructor), based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. I regularly contribute to several magazines, including Engineering Insight and Petrolhead.

This year I am rolling out a parametric hull model designed to help yacht designers exploit the tremendous power of parametric design. Keep an eye on my kspline pages for updates on this powerful new method of designing beautiful hulls that will do exactly what you want them to do.

Recently I've been summarising my latest research into car-friendly solutions to climate change. This work builds on the New Zealand-specific research in my 2010 book, From Smoke to Mirrors, and my annual lecture at Victoria University. I have developed a minimalist, constraints-based strategy I call "Drive Solar". Drive Solar is a comprehensive global strategy for mitigating climate change without inconveniencing a single motorist, and without favouring any specific technology. I'm hoping Drive Solar will be published in the not too distant future.

If you're trying to communicate complex technical or scientific information to a non-technical audience, you can't go past my easy to read, no-nonsense style. Contact me to discuss your communication requirements.


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Wild, weird, & wired—a podcast

Jason’s Crew.
Jason Peabody’s farm machinery develops a mind of its own, leaving Jason feeling a little prickly.

Queerjo’s Favourite Pub.
Zaxocon and Drivel visit Lower Hutt for a beer. The bartender needed months of intensive counselling. The pub was never the same again.

The Truth about the Shiners—a novel, ch. 3
During the school's grand opening, Letitia and Catalina sneak out and beat the pants off the boys.
Read by my lovely wife, Diana.

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Updated 1 October 2014

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