Articles 2004-2010

In 2004, after completing my graduate diploma in literature, I started writing for magazines and newspapers. In addition, I worked on numerous corporate assignments.

Here’s a list of my published articles and papers from 2004 until the end of 2010.

Barcelona World RaceBoating NZ, Dec 2010
Sowing the Seeds of RevengeBoating NZ, Dec 2010
Port Nicholson and RNZYS Eye 2013 World Tour StopBoating NZ, Dec 2010
CORE, Nov/Dec 2010
Signalling the, Sep/Oct 2010
Five Start Velux 5Boating NZ, Nov 2010
Wiring Navigation LightsBoating NZ, Nov 2010
Wellington BoundBoating NZ, Oct 2010
Get Your Nav Lights RightBoating NZ, Sep 2010
Protecting Scott, Sep/Oct 2010
Let there be LED LightBoating NZ, Aug 2010
Victoria Park, Jul/Aug 2010
Keeping Track of the BoatBoating NZ, Jun 2010
Recreational Swath-MappingBoating NZ, Jun 2010
Yanmar Through and ThroughBoating NZ, Jun 2010
Small Boat WiringBoating NZ, Jun 2010
Cable for Marine 12-Volt SystemsBoating NZ, May 2010
Dixie’s First DayBoating NZ, Apr 2010
One of a Kwik KindBoating NZ, Apr 2010
New Approach to VPPShip & Boat International, Mar/Apr 2010
Kiwi Boats and Crews Line up for Global RaceBoating NZ, Mar 2010
Clear WaterBoating NZ, Mar 2010
From Sewage to Oil: Making Waste into, Mar/Apr 2010
From Hakes to HamburgBoating NZ, Feb 2010
Improving Radar ReflectivityBoating NZ, Jan 2010
How Waste May Fuel the FuturePure, Jan 2010
Made In New Zealand: Open 40 for 2011-12 Round the World RaceBoating NZ, Dec 2009
Big Boat BonanzaBoating NZ, Dec 2009
A Question of, Nov/Dec 2009
Fast FrenchmanBoating NZ, Oct 2009
Cook Strait ControllerBoating NZ, Jun 2009
Even Dolphin Jump for Portimao Global Ocean RaceCharleston Mercury, May 2009
Room to, May/Jun 2009
BOP Trials BiodieselBoating NZ, May 2009
Portimao Global Ocean RaceBoating NZ, May 2009
Cure Kids and Espresso Engineers Dominate Racing in WellingtonBoating NZ, Apr 2009
Virgin Global RowBoating NZ, Apr 2009
The Professor’ does it AgainBoating NZ, Mar 2009
A Carrot takes FlightBoating NZ, Mar 2009
Another One Bites the DustBoating NZ, Feb 2009 (with Sam Stewart)
Flying TrimaranBoating NZ, Feb 2009
Portimao Race All the Fun for a Fraction of the PriceBoating NZ, Feb 2009
Great Seaview from WellingtonBoating NZ, Feb 2009
Racing SpiritsThe Dominion Post, 31 January 2009
Remote Control RaptorBoating NZ, Jan 2009
World-Leading Yacht Research Centre for Auckland UniversityBoating NZ, Jan 2009
K-Spline: A New Curve for Advanced Hull ModellingHigh Performance Yacht Design Conference, Dec 2008
Paekakariki to Pauatahanui in Fifteen, Nov/Dec 2008
Single Handed, Ocean FlyerBoating NZ, Apr 2008
The Big HeartBoating NZ, Mar 2008
Open OceansBoating NZ, Feb 2008
Into the, Nov/Dec 2007
No, Sep/Oct 2007
Ticket to, Jul/Aug 2007
Whaling in WellingtonBoating NZ, Jul 2007
The End of a DreamBoating NZ, Apr 2007
What’s in that TV dinner, Anyway?, Mar/Apr 2007
Wellington’s Line 7 RegattaBoating NZ, Mar 2007
Wellington’s Line 7 Regatta 2007Boating NZ, Feb 2007
Pump It, Jan/Feb 2007
Catching the CANBusBoating NZ, Dec 2006
The Sweet SpotBoating NZ, Nov 2006
Fresh Fish Foils ScurvyBoating NZ, Oct 2006
EnergyGamma series, Royal Society of NZ, Sep 2006
First In, Best AnchoredBoating NZ, Sep 2006
Dinghy Decision—A Tender SubjectBoating NZ, Sep 2006
The Outboard Motor’s Century of DutyBoating NZ, Aug 2006
From Crank to Yank: A Century of Starting ProceduresBoating NZ, Aug 2006
Is Biodiesel an Answer?NZ Trucking, Jun 2006
I’ll Drive—Pass the RemoteBoating NZ, Jun 2006
Petrol Management: Winter, Water and AlcoholBoating NZ, Jun 2006
Barnett 20m: Passagemaker for TwoBoating NZ, May 2006
Fishing Companies Declare No-Dredge ZonesBoating NZ, Mar 2006
Liferaft OdysseyBoating NZ, Feb 2006
Port Road DragsNZ Hot Rod Magazine, Feb 2006
Crying: ‘Wolf’Boating NZ, Jan 2006
Putting the Seal on Low-Sulphur DieselBoating NZ, Jan 2006
Russians Heading Back to Polar SeasNZ Press Association, Jan 2006
To Russia, With the Trade WindsBoating NZ, Nov 2005
Wellington to be Wellington’s Latest ShipwreckBoating NZ, Nov 2005
Emergency SteeringBoating NZ, Nov 2005
Taming Russia’s Wild EastNZ Business, Oct 2005
Kiwis Offered Russian LeasesNZ Press Association, Aug 2005
From Antarctica by Jury RudderBoating NZ, May 2005
Exercise or WinteriseBoating NZ, May 2005
Classic Raceboat Returns to WellingtonBoating NZ, May 2005
Cutting Through the Southern OceanBoating NZ, Mar 2005
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary ThingsBoating NZ, Mar 2005
A Recipe for KakaCon Science, Feb 2005
A Feather by any Other NameCon Science, Feb 2005
Low Sulphur Diesel—Will it Wreck Our Engines?NZ Fishing News, Feb 2005
Round the World in a Very Fast BoatBoating NZ, Jan 2005
The Paperless WheelhouseBoating NZ, Jan 2005
Classic Logan-Built Gaff Cutter Returns Home to WellingtonBoating NZ, Jan 2005
Low Sulphur Diesel—Will it Wreck Our Engines?Boating NZ, Dec 2004

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